Monday, February 8, 2010

It's a good thing it's not lightning...

Ok, so to bring you all up to speed....

My grandmother has been complaining for sometime with hip pain. My mom has taken her to the doctor several times and the doctor dismissed it each time as arthritis and given her different medications to treat the pain. It is reasonable to think that at her age, 91, it would be arthritis but after that many appointments for the same problem wouldn't you try to do something different? Monday of last week my mom took her back to the doctor but was lucky (I think?) to see the other doctor in the practice. He decided to admit her to the hospital to do some tests. Things went down hill from there. The first day there way okay. They did an MRI and it showed a lot of messed up disks in her back that is more than likely causing her pain.

On Tuesday night of that week after all of the family had left she fell out of the bed when she was trying to get up to go to the restroom. Was anyone in the family informed? No. They have 4 numbers that the family can be reached at if needed. On Wednesday when my mom went to visit my grandmother said she needed to use the bathroom so my mom was going to help her. When she pulled back the covers my grandmother was strapped to the bed. My mom went straight to the nurses station to question them. They didn't even lie and say that they had tried to call us. What losers! Grandmother has a horrible bruise and is swollen on her right arm but the x-rays show no fractures.

On Thursday things went from bad to worse. Several of my family members and myself think it's possible she's had a stroke. She is literally out of her mind and her speech is very slurred. She can't feed herself and she's in diapers. And sometime during all of this her gum has gotten cut and she can't wear her dentures. She can't hold herself up in her bed if the head is raised. She has to lay flat.

It's Monday of the following week now and she's still like this. The doctor that admitted her says she'll probably need to go to a nursing home. It could be temporary but it may not even have had to have happened if the staff at that pitiful excuse of a hospital had been watching her a little better and checking on her more often. Mom said today that a nurse came into my grandmother's room while she was there and was looking for another nurse because "the man across the hall had been sitting in the same chair since 9 am and she needed help moving him". It was after 5 pm when the nurse told my mom that. NEGLIGENCE!

And here's where the lightning comes in. One of my grandmother's younger friends from her church came in while my mom was there today. Now, I'm not one to talk bad about preachers or whatever but this was just too crazy! The friend told my mom that the preacher of the church had got up and told everyone at church on Sunday that he had put my grandmother in a wheelchair, took her to the nurses station and they sang for the nurses. WTH? She can't sit up in her bed and her speech is slurred but she sat in a wheelchair and sang for the nurses. Okay, yeah...that's believable. I expect little kids to tell stories such as this but a preacher? LOL

That's all I've got. Please keep my grandmother (and her preacher) in your prayers!

Good night and God Bless!